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Emotional Fitness

Beyond the challenges of AS

One year after building my business for late-diagnosed Aspie women, I realized that I could serve a larger audience by acknowledging that many women have silently suffered through their lives as a result of not receiving the strong empowerment skills they needed to meet the demands of life. 

Disclaimer: I am a certified Life Coach not a therapist, Phsical or Emotional abuse issues require a therapist

Sad on Couch


To serve the emotional needs of women through self-empowerment literature, discussions, and exercises. 


Young girls, born between 1960-1980, were growing up during the transition of women now entering the work environment out of desire versus income needs. They now find themselves competing for careers without a full sense of self-worth. Due to the focus being on brothers or other personal generational beliefs a moderate to severe form of family trauma started to effect their emotional health. 


I can help you rise with self-empowerment and valideation to find peoace in a life you would love.
  • Book studies and discussions

  • Journal or musical exercises

  • Enrichment courses

  •  the DreamBuilder Program

  • Women's retreats, 

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